Scott Powell (PI) is actively involved in all the work outlined on this site. If you are interested in learning more about our work, or how to join our lab, please e-mail Scott directly.

Flávio Camarota (Postdoc) is working on community assembly and trait mediated species interactions using turtle ants in the Brazilian cerrado.

Fred Larabee (Postdoc) is an NSF Post-Doctoral Fellow and co-advised by Scott and Ted Schultz at the NMNH. Fred is broadly interested in the evolution and functional morphology of ants, with a special interest in the mandibles of trap-jaw ants and fungus-gardening ants.

J. Aidan Manubay (PhD Student) is interested in trait evolution in social insects, and is especially interested in the ecology of soldier evolution in ants and other social insects.

Carol Peretz (PhD Student) is interested in the ecology of trait diversification in social insects, and is especially interested in the evolution of adaptive cuticular sculpturing and pubescence in turtle ants.

Jignasha Rana (PhD Student) is interested in the diversification of ants lineages, and especially cryptic diversify in geographically widespread species groups. E-Mail & Twitter

Corinne Tarantino (Undergraduate Research Student) is working on the foraging performance of turtle ant workers in different ecological contexts.

Sofia Nicholas (Undergraduate Research Student) is working on the social transmission of the microbiome of turtle ants.


Shauna Price was a postdoc working on turtle ant diversification, and remains an important collaborator for this work.

Kristen Kozmary worked on inter-colony conflict in the acorn-dwelling ant Temnothorax curvispinosus for her undergraduate research. Kristen graduated from GW with Research Honors in 2014.

Rebecca Prather worked on mechanisms of community assembly in acorn-dwelling ants for her undergraduate research. Rebecca graduated from GW with Research Honors in 2015.

Philip Horowitz worked on ant diversity patterns across oak forest and marsh habitats for his undergraduate research. Philip graduated from GW in 2015.

Paulina Kriska worked on our ongoing efforts to understand turtle ant lineage diversification for her undergraduate research. Paulina graduated from GW with Research Honors in 2015.


Our current collaborators include all the good people we are actively working with on funded projects and manuscripts. They also include many excellent student and postdoc collaborators in the respective labs of these PIs.

Anna Dornhuas, University of Arizona. Webpage Link.

Matina Donaldson-Matasci, Harvey Mudd College. Webpage Link.

Simon Garnier, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Webpage Link.

Daniel Kronauer, Rockefeller University. Webpage Link.

Robert Marquis, University of Missouri - St. Louis. Webpage Link.

Corrie Moreau, Field Museum of Natural History. Webpage Link.

Robert Planqué, VU University Amsterdam. Webpage Link.

Shauna Price, Field Museum of Natural History.

Jacob Russell, Drexel University. Webpage Link.

Heraldo Vasconcelos, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia. Webpage Link.

John Wertz, Calvin College. Webpage Link.


To see a list of the excellent people we have had an opportunity to work with in the past, please check out our list of publications.